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juc's Journal

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The JuC Community
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The JuC Community

This is a community for those who
like JuC (Justin/JC) slash. Here
people can post pictures, fiction
or anything JuC-related.

1) Your story (obviously) must contain the JC/Justin pairing.
2) When posting the story please use a cut-tag. If you do not know what a cut-tag is, please check out LJ's FAQ's.
3) Please include the rating of your story when you post it, along with any other pairings that may be invovled.
4) Please inform us if it is a Work In Progress or if it is a finished piece.
5) This is a JuC only community. You cannot post about other communities or anything else that is not JuC-related.
6) None of this "If I don't get any feedback - I won't write anymore!" If you post something saying that, I will just delete it.

Want something other than JuC?
Visit these sister communities:

  • trickc -- Chris/JC
  • alittletricky -- Chris/Lance

    Community maintained by Icy Mistress.
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