sazzy_angel (sazzy_angel) wrote in juc,

Nobody but you - JC Chasez/Justin Timberlake AU Fan fiction

Title: Nobody but you - Prologue

Fandom: Pop
Spoilers: none
Couples: Justin Timberlake/ JC Chasez, unsure of others at this point
Type: Au, Drama
Summary: After five years of graduate school, Justin Timberlake has finally gotten himself a degree to become a psychologist. Once he finds a job as the resident psychologist in a rehab center. He gets his first patient , Joshua Chasez.  Joshua has got mental and personal problems up the wazoo. He already has to go to a psychiatrist to treat him for his bipolar disease as well as all the brain damage created from years of alcohol and drug abuse. He's desperate to get Justin to fix him to prove to the judge that his estranged wife's claim that he needs to be sent to a mental hospital are 100% false. If he doesn't,he loses his daughter and once chance to be free.    After many sessions getting to know him, despite his sometimes crazy erratic behavior, Justin ends up liking him as a person. At some point he realizes he's fallen in love with his mental patient, causing him  to wonder if he's starting to go insane himself.

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