Sad Orli

Inspiration 3/? AU

Author: zebraljb
Rating: NC17 in parts
Disclaimer: As far as I know, Justin doesn't spend his free time in department store windows. If he did, I'd be camped out at the store before you could spell "stalker." Just sayin'. I also really don't think any of this is true, because I made it up and all.
Note: And Justin arrives. Isn't he pretty?

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Sad Orli

Inspiration 2/? Joshtin AU

Author: Lara
Rating: Eventually NC17, for a chapter
Disclaimer: This is all made up. Especially because it's AU. I love both these boys, and I don't think this really happened, and I don't think Lance would turn into a business-minded stickuphisass, and...oh...wait...
Note: And then there was Justin. *sigh*
Note #2: And, of course, there are Backstreet Boys, because they always end up in my NSYNC Alternate Universe. ;)

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Inspiration 1/? new Joshtin AU story

Author: Lara (zebraljb)
Rating: R for language, but there will be some NC17 scenes later
Disclaimer: I don't feel this is true, especially since it's made up. None of what follows is real, it's fiction and I make no benefit from it.
Note: This is an AU story, a mix of Xanadu & Mannequin. My friend Keith calls it "the Xannequin story" :)

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Looking for help

You all seem to be a knowledgeable crew, so I will ask you a few questions. I will preface those questions by saying I hope to follow this off-topic post with a new story beginning by next week.

1. Does anyone know of any Bassez or Lamblove communities still active on LJ?

2. Does anyone remember a story from back in the day where Justin gets kidnapped or something and gets amnesia, and then this lesbian chick finds him and gets him into Ani DiFranco or something like that. It may be Justin/Lance, not sure. It was an excellent story.

3. Thank you all.
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