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Love Soon 1/? NC17 eventually

So, hi. I'm Lara...I used to be really really active in the fandom...if anyone wants a link to my older stuff, let me know. Anyway, since seeing NKOTBSB in July, I've really been falling back into writing fanfic. I've started slowly with het stuff, but my true love was the SDB slash, and I'm trying my first story here in over seven years. Be gentle. :) I don't normally beg for feedback, but because it's been so long, I'm going to here. This isn't my normal style, I usually don't do the humor thing as much (mostly dialogue), but the muse hit me, and when JC says jump, I say how high. :)

Title: Love Soon
Rating: NC17 eventually for the seksy stuff
Disclaimer: I make no profit from this except your kind words. I do not know them or anything about them.
Summary: In which Justin knows lots about JC, but has to get him to admit it so they can live happilyeverafter.

So, I heard this John Mayer song and thought it would be a quick little story. Then I started writing, decided to experiment with a different style, and it blossomed.

Title: Love Soon
Pairing: JC Chasez/Justin Timberlake
Rating: Eventual NC17 for some sex
Disclaimer: I don't know them, though I'd pay good money to have JC as my personal sex kitten
Summary: JC's in denial about many things, and Justin's going to set him straight


At fourteen, Justin had thought that the hardest thing he’d ever have to do was get JC to fall in love with him. Now, at thirty, Justin realized that had been a piece of cake. Now, at thirty, Justin realized that the hardest thing he’d ever have to do was get JC to admit it.

Justin had first noticed JC in Europe during the “Tearing Up My Heart” video. Well, he’d always NOTICED him, the way you notice something that’s a daily part of your life. He noticed Chris’ obnoxiousness (and loved it), Joey’s crazy friendly way of hanging all over you constantly (that was kind of nice), Lance’s silent intelligence (little did he know how handy THAT would come in later). And then, suddenly, he noticed JC. Well, he noticed that JC was no longer that goofy kid from MMC. But then again, neither was Justin, as he found out at the video shoot.

“What?” Chris said, staring at the director. “You want him writhing around on a bed with a girl? He’s just a baby!”

“I am not,” Justin snapped, but he might as well have been talking to the bed itself for all the attention it got him. He also made a mental note to steal Lance’s dictionary and look up the exact definition of “writhing.” It sounded dirty, the way Chris said it, and it could come in useful someday.

“Chris, he’s…well…”

“Yeah, the one in the front. Got that.” Chris shook his head (little did they know how much of a frontman Justin would end up being). “But…he’s a baby!”

“An infant,” Joey added. “Newborn.”

“For Christ’s sake, I’m right fucking here!” Justin all but yelled. He was rewarded with a bit of a blush from Lance – he still wasn’t used to curse words and taking the Lord’s name in vain. Either was Justin, really, but he was going for shock value.

“Justin, calm down,” JC soothed, rubbing his short curls. Justin glared and ducked his head away.

“M’not a baby, quit treating me like one.”

“No. No, you’re not.” JC’s hand faltered as it slid down Justin’s bare shoulder. “You’re not.”

Justin blinked at the twist in JC’s voice, giving him a questioning look. “I mean, you’re dressing him like a porn star,” Chris continued as if they hadn’t spoken. “C’mon, man.”

“Really? Porn?” Justin suddenly got interested, as did Little Justin. He’d never seen porn, really, just through a crack in Joey’s open door one night when Joey didn’t realize he was looking. He HAD flipped through a magazine, once, at the store. He digested this information, looking down at himself. Baggy dark pants, wifebeater. He shrugged. He thought porn had naked people in it.

“He’s only fourteen,” Lance offered, and everyone looked at him. “I’m sixteen. Would you put ME on a bed like that?”

“NO,” Joey, JC and Chris answered as one. JC shuddered at the thought, seeming to want to clean the recesses of his brain out with Clorox at the mere thought.

“My point exactly,” Chris said. “Thanks, Lance. Just because he’s…Justin…doesn’t mean he’s a piece of meat.”

“I’m not a piece of meat,” Justin agreed. “OR a baby.”

“Look, his mom isn’t here, but if she was, she’d never agree with this,” JC said, and his voice was steel coated with silk. “I don’t care what Lou told you, Justin is NOT rolling around on a bed with a strange girl for this video. If you want him on the bed so much, it’s just him. Alone. Looking at the camera. No rolling around, no…” JC winked at Chris. “Writhing.”

“Fine. I can’t fight you all,” the director sighed, and Chris smiled in satisfaction.

“Excellent group effort, everyone,” Chris said, giving high fives.

“I coulda done it,” Justin muttered as the others went to speak to the choreographer. JC heard him and came back.

“But you shouldn’t HAVE to, Justin. It’s not right.” JC’s blue eyes were smoldering with leftover irritation. “You’re still a kid, Justin, no matter how grown up you think you are, or how people have started to treat you. We’re not going to let anyone exploit you.”

“Thanks, I think,” Justin said, and JC smiled.

“I, for one, know you’re not a baby,” JC said. His eyes ran over Justin from head to toe, and his ears turned pink. “Definitely not.”

JC walked away and left Justin standing alone. It was only later that Justin realized that JC was looking at him with yearning in his eyes.

“You could stay here, with me,” Justin suggested. “You don’t REALLY want to go out.”

“Yeah, I really do,” JC said, playing with his short hair. “Dammit, I hate this haircut.”

“Let it grow out,” Justin suggested. “It’ll look awesome.” And he was telling the truth. During the month or two since the video shoot, Justin had really been paying attention to JC. Done some detective work. And his clue-seeking skills revealed that JC not only paid him more attention than anyone else, but it was attention that he probably SHOULDN’T be paying anyone else. And Justin didn’t mind. It was okay that Lance licked his lips when he watched the choreographer. Justin understood. Traveling through Europe had made him a very open-minded individual. It was okay that men held hands walking down the street. Justin was a loving person, and he felt anyone should be able to show their love to anyone they wanted, wherever they wanted. Unfortunately, Justin was starting to really want to show JC some love, and he knew JC would reciprocate. There was only the very small problem of neither of them admitting they liked boys, both of them being a part of a growing pop sensation…and the fact that Justin was still very very much a minor and JC very very much was not.

“Why do you want me to stay here?”

“I get lonely,” Justin said, working up his best pout.

“Do you practice that in the mirror?” JC said, laughing. The blush on Justin’s cheeks told him the truth. “Too cute for your own good,” JC said fondly. “You can hang out…”

“If you say hang out with Lance, I will hang you out the window by your toes.” Justin flexed a bicep. “And I could do it.”

“What’s wrong with Lance?”

“Nothing’s WRONG with Lance. Lance is great. I spend more freaking time with Lance than I do with my own mother,” Justin said, sighing. “I just…I like hanging out with you. Is that a crime?”

“Of course not. I like hanging out with you, too, J.” JC gave up on his hair and turned around.

“Besides, what are you really gonna do going out that you couldn’t do here?” Justin asked, tilting his head innocently. JC stammered a bit.

“Well, see…I might…you know, dance, drink some…”

“Get some?” Justin asked. JC stammered some more. “JC…it’s just sex, right? You can’t go without for one night?”

“And do what with you?”

“Just…hang out.” Justin tried to think of something he could give JC that would trump sex. Nope. Nothing.

“Another night, Curly.” JC smiled kindly.

“Don’t patronize me,” Justin said, proud that he had remembered the word and used it correctly. “I’m not a child.”

“You are a child,” JC said, laughing. “You’re sure acting like one now.”

Justin jumped off the bed and grabbed JC’s shirt. “Stay,” he whined. “You pay attention to me.”

“Tell me one person on God’s green earth who doesn’t,” JC said, shaking his head. “You’re impossible.”

“Please?” Justin pouted, then bit at his bottom lip. It always worked with his mother. JC’s eyes met his, then he looked down at Justin’s mouth. Licked his lips. Whoa. His mom never did THAT. Justin moved in for the kill. His hand slid up JC’s side. “I can be fun, too. We can dance. You could get us something to drink.” He looked up, and for the first time, tried out his own smoldering gaze. “We could have sex, if you wanted.”

“Jesus fucking Christ!” JC gasped, falling away until his back hit the door. “Wash your mouth out with soap!”

“Don’t you want to?” This was deliciously fun and absolutely terrifying all at once. He thought JC might laugh it off. Not act like he was offering him a grenade sundae topped with arsenic and anthrax sprinkles.

“It’s not that…I mean, no, of course not!” JC clawed for something to hold onto, but only found a doorknob.

“JC, it’s okay to like boys,” Justin said, sounding remarkably like his own mother during their “birds and bees” talk. “It’s a natural thing to show love however you want to. I love you, I know you love me, we’re friends. It’s okay.”

“I do love you, but not like that. We’re friends, but not like that.” JC shook his head. “You’re fourteen. What do you know…”

“So, I’m the baby again,” Justin said, rolling his eyes. “You’re not going to corrupt me. It’s okay. We don’t need to have sex, really, like do it. We can kiss…make out…jerk off?” Justin said hopefully.

JC let out something like a scream. “Justin, what’s gotten into you?”

“I like you, JC. I like thinking about you. I know you think about me. I care about you…you know…like more than regular. I know…I know you’d never hurt me.” This was skirting into dangerous territory, but Justin was pulling out all the stops. Protective!JC would immediately come out, which was incredibly hot, to Justin, but it also got tricky. Protective!JC tended to not pay attention when Justin spoke.

“I’d kill anyone who hurt you,” JC said, but he seemed to calm down. “Justin, come here.” JC went to the bed and sat on the edge. Justin sat right next to him. JC jumped to his feet. “I’m flattered, that you want to, you know, experiment. I’ve done it myself. But…it’s not right. You’re my little brother. I love you. You’re too young, and it’s wrong.”

“So if I was OLDER…” Justin smiled encouragingly. “You’d think about it.”

“I’m going out and getting drunk,” JC answered, running for the door again.

“I’m gonna be eighteen someday!” Justin yelled after him. JC slammed the door. Justin fell back onto the bed and sighed. “In four long long years.”

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